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Mythicbells "I" Litter, born 06.14.11

Mother: Sahara     Father: Simba Kahn

Sahara: Paws & Purrs Sahara of Mythicbells, a shaded golden
Father: Mr.  Simba Kahn of Mythicbells,  a shaded golden.

FOUR beautiful babies: All are goldens -- 1 female, 3 males.  Milk names: India (F), Intrepid, Idaho, Ivanhoe

Be sure to read the FAQs about the Shaded Golden Persians.  They are quite unique.  Typically they are smaller Persians ranging from 4 - 8 lbs for females and 6 - 10 lbs for males.  They are born looking like black tabbies and as they mature you will see a remarkable transformation into the shaded golden hues.  Sahara, the mother, is typical of the lighter shading and Simba Kahn, the father, of the darker.  They can be born with two different tabby patterns: the Mackerel Tabby also called McTabby (with stripes around the body like a tiger) and the Classic tabby (with swirly markings).  Don't be fooled by  the markings they have now as they will lose most, if not all, of their stripes and look like their mother as adults.  Look at the galleries for past litters to see this transformation.  All true Shaded Goldens have green to blue-green eyes at maturity, often taking a year to two years to fully develop their eye color. 

The "I" litter has two Classic Tabbies (India and Intrepid) and two McTabbies (Idaho and Ivanhoe).

Birth to ...

Sahara and her babies at 2 days old:

5 days old:


India (L), Intrepid (R)


Idaho (L), Ivanhoe (R)

2.5 weeks old:

In order: Ivanhoe, Intrepid, India, Idaho


3 weeks old:

In order: Ivanhoe, Intrepid, India, Idaho


4 weeks old

In order: Ivanhoe, Intrepid, India, Idaho


5 weeks old

In order: Intrepid, India, Idaho, Ivanhoe


10 weeks old

In order: Intrepid, India, Idaho, Ivanhoe


In their new homes:

Intrepid at 5 months old


Intrepid at 1 year (L) and Maynard (previously 'Idaho') at 1.5 yr (R)


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