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About Mythicbells Persians

Mythicbells is registered with both CFA and TICA

CFA: www.cfainc.org                        TICA: www.tica.org

My name is Molly Barr, and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have cared for and been owned by Persians for many years.  I started breeding in 2004.   Mythicbells Persians is a small CFA & TICA registered cattery.  The cattery IS my home.   My cats are not caged, and are an integral part of my life and my household.  They have custom built cat climbing and sleeping places as well as a safe, enclosed outdoor play area where they can play jungle cat, climb trees, and help me in the garden.  My emphasis is on excellent nutrition and an environment that allows them to be 'normal' cats.  The cats are my pets first and foremost.  I LOVE the kittens and enjoy bringing healthy, well socialized and confident kittens into special homes where they will be cherished and doted upon for the duration of their lives.  It's my preference to place kittens in homes as pets.

I hope to preserve, the 'traditional' Persians (also called 'doll faced') who have less extreme faces, but still have the adorable Persian "look" and fabulous personality.  I breed only CFA registered cats and specialize in the shaded golden, blue golden, blue silver, and shaded silver Persians.  I have only a few litters a year.  Check the available page for the latest news on upcoming litters. 

All kittens are from parent cats DNA tested negative for PKD, a fatal hereditary disease. My cattery is FeLV/FIV negative--every cat coming into my home has been tested negative for FeLV/FIV.   Kittens go to their new homes at about 12 weeks of age with their first kitten vaccination and worming.  Kittens are examined by my veterinarian at 9 - 11 weeks of age.  Each kitten comes with a life-time of 'tech support' from me plus a two year guarantee against fatal genetic conditions as well as a general health guarantee at time of adoption.  You will get a kitten kit which includes general care instructions, sales contract, a health record, proof of negative PKD DNA results on the parent cats, and maybe a few other "goodies" to help you get started.  All kittens also come with a 4 - 5 generation pedigree nicely printed out.  I'll be glad to email pedigrees and contractual details, if interested.  "Pet" kittens are adopted with a spay/neuter agreement.  I carefully screen kitten buyers and reserve the right to refuse to sell with no explanation at any time during the adoption proceedings.

Sorry, I do not ship kittens.  We are located about 40 miles east of San Francisco, California.

Persians are the most popular breed of cat, and for good reason.  They usually get along well with other companion animals, are playful and affectionate, rarely destructive, and are affectionate and devoted to their human companions.  Persians DO take a fair amount of grooming, and if you are not up for that, please do not adopt one.  It's important that all members of your family are committed to taking in a new animal -- I recommend that it be discussed with all concerned.  Also, a well cared for animal is not inexpensive to keep over its life time.  Before you make your decision, take this into account.  Veterinary bills can be quite high, even for healthy cats --  there are vaccinations and yearly check ups, dental work, flea and pest control, cat litter, toys, beds...and a good diet.


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